Xinhua Analytica is the information product of Xinhua Financial (XHF). As a professional provider of financial news, data and analytical tools, Xinhua Financial brings information, news, multimedia reports, analytics, electronic trading and communication tools into a single platform, which provides service 24 hours a day for professionals. Xinhua analytica is pursuing a "professional and refined" development model, which aims at financial markets and business people. Its multimedia business such as websites, terminals, newspapers, broadcast, television, magazines, publishing, education and financial products, are all centered on financial sector.

Xinhua Analytica has a trusted and recognized source of data, rigorous and professional information collection and analysis team. It flies its own banner in analyzing major economic events, tracking market changes and other aspects. It makes comprehensive review on the national economy, regional economy, and highlights the background analysis and potential impact analysis of the industry and the trend forecast. Xinhua Financial has maintained long-term tracking and research on hotspot areas; detaily considered the overall international economic environment, industrial structure and development of typical business organizations; combined different layers like industry and enterprise; researched in industry status; forecasted industry trends, and published industry research report.